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Editor Overview

VSCode Extension

Install the jsngin VSCode extension.


jsngin works on the following structures:

  • gameObjects, stored in *.jsnobj files.
  • components, stored in *.jsncmp files.

gameObject Editor


jsngin is under heavy development. Some of the images might not match exactly, what you see.

Open the src/rootGameObject.jsnobj file.

first Look

Use the

  • Right mouse button to orbit
  • Middle mouse button or (W A S D) to pan
  • Scroll to zoom.

Move the camera to a better position first Look

At this point open the Game-Object Tree View from the explorer window.

This window shows the gameObject structure. first Look

It is possible to select gameObjects from the tree view or by clicking(or clicking and dragging) inside the 3d view. Select the cube.

first Look At this point the components on the cube gameObject can be edited in the component pannel.

3d View controls over view.

first Look